Want to be a Data Analyst in 90 Days Or Less?

Learn Data Analytics Using An Enhanced Learning System — Without Being Stuck In The Same Spot Every Year

Master the Forbes’s recommended skill that pays you in any industry today.

Dear Aspiring Data Analyst,

Do Any Of These Sound Like You?

You are trying to learn Data Analytics, but got stuck at some point?

You have Heard of Data Analytics as a High Income Skill but don’t know how to go about it?

You want to change your career to Data Analysis and need the help of a productive learning approach?

If yes...

You are not alone!

Some of our students had similar experiences.

To some, they started as self-taught Data Analyst, but it was like running in circles.

It was a tough journey to master this skill as a professional Data Analyst.

Chances are, you are in the same boat now.

The BIGGEST? They struggled to get it right and couldn’t stay on track.

Little did they know there was a MORE efficient way to learn Data Analytics.

Until they encountered a unique learning process, working with an Enhanced Learning System.

Learning Data Analytics requires a real-time assistant by your side

(Just in case you encounter some learning challenges).

Sometimes, it could be, working with a trainer.

A professional.

Or a partner in the learning process.

The idea is to get the support that will keep you going, so you achieve your learning goal (or daily tasks)

That’s what most students are lacking.

Today, you can master this skill using our Enhanced Learning System, at Tekdlin.

So now, you can PRODUCTIVELY learn the skill, even when learning at remote locations.

Or without the help of a professional, physically present.

Our intelligent learning system has defeated the challenge of learning with…

–  YouTube videos…

–  Online Courses…

–  And others without real-time assistance. 

Data Analytics Engineering
(Using Our Enhanced Al Learning System)
4 in 1 Data Analytics Skill

Data Analytics Theoretical Overview (concept and tech)

Learn the impact of Data Analytics and why this is the best choice you have made.

#1. SQL for Data Analysis

Learn how to manipulate Data for Business Insights using SQL.

#2. Excel for Data Analysis

Master Excel for Data Analysis.

#3. Power BI or Tableau for Data Analysis

Learn how to use Power BI and Tableau for Business Intelligence Solutions.

#4. Python for Data Analysis

Learn Python for Data Analysis and an Introduction to Machine Learning.

Productive Learning With An Enhanced AI System

Get access to a modern learning aid via Artificial Intelligence, in conjunction with our team of trainers.

This will help you master this skill in real-time as a Data Analyst.

This means you could practice your lessons in the middle of the night, and still get the support you need when you get stuck.

Best part?

It’s more like you have a physical trainer (or a professional) right in front of you.

That’s how I mastered this skill some years ago.

Today, you have the same support to help you.

The good news? It’s a 24/7 real-time support.

Guidance On Project Execution & Portfolio Building.

During these 90 days, myself and the team will guide you in building your initial portfolio as a Data Analyst, so you can present it in job interviews.

You will learn how to showcase your work on professional platforms like Linkedin.

And learn how to present them to get the attention of recruiters across the globe.

Job Interview Preparation

One purpose of learning this skill is to get a high-paying job.

Which is okay.

But where it becomes a challenge is when you don’t know how to position yourself for the job after learning the skill.

That said; I will share with you our positioning strategies to ace your job interviews.

These strategies have made our students get the job.

It’s our in-house unique strategies to help you increase your chances of gaining employment.

Access To A Support Community

Imagine you get access to a community of like-minded individuals.

Professional trainers and members on the job.

How would that motivate your learning process?

Plus, access to industry knowledge on what is required to boost your career chase.

Would that be worth it?

Access To Available Job Adverts

One of the support we give our students is to send job opportunities their way.

Now, Imagine you get our referrals or memos containing industries in need of Data Analyst…

Do you think that will help as you job hunt?

If all the above applies to you, and you know that this is the kind of help you really need‌ – click on the button below to sign up now.

What’s Your Investment In This Skill?

$1500 in this 90 Days Journey.
That’s ONLY $16/Day!

Tell me, Would it be worth…

If this is worth the investment, then click the button below to sign up now.

Before attending Tekdlin's data analytics webinar, I felt like I was staring at a puzzle without the picture on the box. Numbers and graphs seemed like a foreign language. But this webinar changed everything for me. The presenter didn't talk over my head; they spoke in everyday language, using examples that made sense. Suddenly, those numbers became pieces of a story, not just random figures. What I loved most was the practicality. They showed us simple tools anyone could use, even if you're just starting. It was like getting a toolbox with clear instructions. I could immediately apply what I learned to make sense of data around me. The best part? It didn't end with the webinar. Tekdlin offered a treasure trove of resources—a library of articles, courses, and support. I felt like I wasn't alone on this learning journey. Now, I feel confident diving into data. It's like unlocking a new skill that's useful in everyday life. If you're unsure about data, trust me, give Tekdlin's webinar a shot. It's like a roadmap that turns confusion into clarity, and that's worth a lot.
Mathew clifford
Before I became a data analyst, I was an overwhelmed immigrant who worked odd jobs and had no idea what to do to comfortably make six figures. I worked two jobs and still struggled to pay for my bills and make ends meet. Luckily for me, I met a friend who told me about data analytics, and I decided to look into it. I started self-learning, researching, practicing questions, and making sure I gained as much knowledge as I needed. In no time, I landed my first job, and the rest was history.
Sarah James

Meet Tekdlin, your go-to ally in the thrilling world of data analytics for business solutions!

Tekdlin was founded in 2022; and today we are your ticket to transforming your dream data career into reality, using an Artificial Intelligence learning aid.

At Tekdlin, we are all about making connections and fostering growth. 

We also have a subsidiary; “Konnect”, our lively hub for tech enthusiasts and data analysts.

Imagine events where you mingle with industry rock stars, recruiters, and pros who have been around the data block.

It’s your golden ticket to network, learn, and skyrocket your career as a Data Analyst.

But that’s not all—we know mastering the Data Analytics skill is your challenge.

Now, dive into our data analytics webinar crafted to lead you in your Data Analytics Profession.

Need proof? Our graduates are landing jobs or kicking it as freelancers like pros. At Tekdlin, we are not just a training institute; we are your partner in success.  We are all about innovation, collaboration, and learning that never stops. Let’s ride the data analytics world together and turn your interest in learning this skill into a professional one!

Will this work for me as a beginner?

Yes. This is a beginner to intermediate-level training for those with zero or little knowledge about Data Analytics.

Are there replays of the live sessions?

Yes. All live calls will be recorded for those not present at the call.

Can I ask you questions outside the class?

Sure. We have live calls we do to aid your learning in the training.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. We have an instalment plan. You can call this number +14699542128 or send us an email at info@tekdlin.com to get more details.

Will this work for me if I already have Data Analytics Knowledge?

This is a course that gets you from level zero to an intermediate level as a Data Analyst. It educates you on various Data Analytics tools to execute business analytics operations.

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