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Data Analytics is one of Forbes's top 5 skills that’s in demand across the world.

But there’s a challenge with learning it – And that’s why 70% of aspiring data analysts do not complete their learning process. 

But what if we show you an Enhanced Learning Approach our trainees used to achieve their career aspirations as Data Analysts…


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Meet Tekdlin, your go-to ally in the thrilling world of data analytics!

Born in 2022; we are your ticket to transforming your dream data career into reality, using an Artificial Intelligence learning aid.

At Tekdlin, we are all about making connections and fostering growth. 

We also have a subsidiary; “Konnect”, our lively hub for tech enthusiasts and data analysts.

Imagine events where you mingle with industry rock stars, recruiters, and pros who have been around the data block.

It’s your golden ticket to network, learn, and skyrocket your career as a Data Analyst.

But that’s not all—we know mastering the Data Analytics skill is your challenge.

Now, dive into our data analytics webinar crafted to lead you in your Data Analytics Profession.

Need proof? Our graduates are landing jobs or kicking it as freelancers like pros.

At Tekdlin, we are not just a training institute; we are your partner in success. 

We are all about innovation, collaboration, and learning that never stops.

Let’s ride the data analytics world together and turn your interest in learning this skill into a professional one!

Students Who Got Value From This Learning System

I came across Tekdlin's data analytics course on a Google ad and decided to check it out. I wasn't much of a fan of paying for online courses because I firmly believed that most businesses online just wanted to take my money. However, their curriculum was really good and it covered all the topics I had compiled from my personal research on data analytics. So, I decided to give it a try. And trust me, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. They didn't lie when they said they would hold my hand throughout the journey. I didn't just get theoretical knowledge; I also gained practical knowledge of data analytics. When I was done with the course, I got a job a few months later. The most amazing part was that I got a job from LinkedIn four months after Tekdlin helped me optimize my LinkedIn page. I strongly recommend Tekdlin. They keep their word.
Dennis Falade
Just like most people, I wasn't a big fan of online courses. I had taken a few in the past, and I was always disappointed in the quality of the material. That's why I was hesitant to try out Tekdlin's Data Analytics course when I came across them on Instagram. But a friend of mine encouraged me to try them out, and I'm so glad I did. The course was amazing. The instructor was knowledgeable and engaging, and the material was well-organized and easy to understand. I learned so much from the course, and it really helped me in my career journey. I now work as a full-time Data Analyst at Peace Park Transit, and it wouldn't have been possible without Tekdlin. I would highly recommend Tekdlin's Data Analytics course to anyone who is looking to learn about data analytics and advance their career. It's one of the best investments I've ever made
Samuel Oriloye
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