If you’re reading this -

 Then you’re interested in the "Data Analytics Mastermind" which already puts you 10 steps ahead of most people and makes you one of the 15% of the working population that will massively increase their earning gap in less than 24 months only if…

You follow through and start TODAY.

This is one of the best tech programs & communities you’ll find anywhere but don’t take my word for it, 

Keep reading and decide for yourself.

 But you can only make the right choice if you read the next line and understand the guarantee this program is giving you.

Hear from past cohorts...

“Prior to joining the program, I struggled a lot with my capacity and skill set, but so far, so good. I have been able to validate the knowledge I have gained thus far prior to joining your class by demonstrating that I know some basic things that I always took for granted”.

Kenneth Onyedika

The “Data Analytics Mastermind” is guaranteed to land you a tech job in 6 months or LESS


You show up for every class and follow every given instruction at the right time. 

And to show you that this is more than just a CLAIM, 

I’ll show you exactly how we were able to take a student from the previous cohort, who was into digital marketing from having no knowledge in tech & programming languages to building a portfolio with over 5 projects and securing multiple job interviews on LinkedIn.

But first,

I’m going to tell you a story…

Last year, I decided that all the knowledge and expertise I had gathered in my 7 years journey from Data Analytics to Data science, it was time to shine a light on the path of those looking to;

  • Transition into Tech
  • Transition into the Data Analytics field
  • T

It first started with wanting to help only 20 people, then in the second cohort we doubled the number...

And the best part is, 80% of students from both cohorts achieved their goal of transitioning smoothly and getting a Tech job...

“I attended Nelo’s Career Switch into Tech Webinar and it was one of the classes that changed my life and set me up to greatness in my Tech career path."

If you seek a change in your career and finances this year, I have done the heavy lifting for you...

By creating an already structured program with the most relevant skill outline like;


  • How to position yourself as an expert to prospective employers…

  • Building multiple projects from scratch for you to include in your portfolio…

  • And match you with your prospective employer

 It literally doesn’t get easier than this as all you need to do is…


Show up & Practice Everyday…


Follow the program’s curriculum…


Work on the assigned weekly projects…


Ace your interview process with your prospective employers…


Secure your Data Analytics Job.

In this program, you would be getting EXCLUSIVE Access & Opportunity to;

An A.I Learning assistant to revolutionize your learning experience by providing personalized recommendations, answering questions, and offering valuable insights to support your study process.

200+ Hours of live training from Tutors on mastering the foundation of Data Analysis covering core programming skills & tools like:  SQL, Python, Excel, and Machine Learning which is well worth $2000

Reviews of Tasks & Assignments within the community which should be worth - $200

Weekly follow-ups and Group meetings with accountability partners - $100

DFY Personalized Resume and LinkedIn revamp by professional CV writers and LinkedIn experts worth - $700

There's More…

Weekly updates of new job openings from community manager worth - $200

24/7 Community and Personal Support from me and the community manager which is worth - $300

3-4 Interview Mock Sessions to prepare you for your Data Science - $500

A Done For You Tech-standard portfolio with up to 7+ capstone projects worth - $1300

Referral, Matching, and Pairing with Recruiters and Hiring Managers worth $1700

All of which should be worth at least $7000+ 

A 4-year university degree,

And thousands of dollars.


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